About FoRest Hotel in Yaremche

FoRest house is a modern hotel created on the basis of harmony. Carpathians, fresh air, comfortable conditions, recreation areas, wellness tubs – small puzzles that make up the perfect picture of your holiday. We are located in Yaremche, which means that every morning you will wake up from the pleasant breath of the mountains and the sun. Breakfast, lunch or dinner can be enjoyed on the terrace. After all, it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, because you came on vacation. This is a key word, because the hotel was created precisely to provide you with a quality holiday.

Just imagine that there is a space where time stops, responsibilities and affairs disappear, and all you have to do is enjoy the perfectly ordered chaos of nature. Such days and enchanting landscapes inspired us to make each room unique and just as perfectly arranged. We used and combined authentic details, walls from the real qualitative wood of various breeds, ecological materials that even within the limits of the number you felt well that you have a rest in mountains.

Not far from the house, you will find yourself in a beautiful gazebo. We are even convinced that the gazebo is the perfect place for your little ritual: drinking coffee with chocolate, reading a book, singing a song or playing the guitar, or just stopping and watching life.

Once we have started, we travel further to the FoRest hotel and head to the pleasant procedures. We can go to the jacuzzi and grab champagne or steam in the tubs. We know very well that there are times when you want to go somewhere in a cozy corner and spend a lazy vacation, even without leaving the room or hotel. And for those who do not want to cook on vacation, we have a practical option – to try the menu in our restaurant. What kind of vacation is complete without delicious food? Definitely not the one we are looking for. Delicious food is a sacred thing for every Galician and later for people who come here for the first time. And after a delicious lunch you can lie down. Of course, a lazy rest is good, but there are also adventurers who wake up early and go to the mountains or for a walk in the center. By the way, the city center is only 500 meters away. And you can reach the mountains by hand just from the window of your room. We are sure that you will find your optimal route.

It seems that we have already come up with the perfect plan for your vacation. Minimum solutions and maximum comfort. The only solution for you is to make a call and book a room. And then – continuous relaxation and unloading. Sometimes even a little, but still very much need to catch Zen. You can do it alone or in pleasant company.

FoRest house is open for families, friends, loved ones, brides, companies and even for your pets. A corporate trip, a long-awaited vacation, a honeymoon and other important events of your life at the FoRest Hotel are unforgettable minutes. We welcome everyone who wants harmony and pleasure. Everyone who wants to relax!