Unforgettable rest in a sauna in Yaremche

It is already difficult to imagine hotel rest without visits to a sauna. Especially if it’s a holiday in the mountains. Sauna in Yaremche is a special love, because here nature gives fresh, clean resources and energy to enjoy everything you do. At the FoRest Hotel we have equipped a sauna, which is available for both hotel guests and passers-by who want to book a sauna.

Why do we recommend going to the sauna?

This is a great way to relax. The body heats up, blood circulates actively and thoughts evaporate. For the most part, people who have once visited a sauna will immediately fall in love with such a vacation. This is not only a good way to spend time with the company, but also a good way to get better.

However, you should not think of vats only for medical purposes. Clean mountain air in combination with vats will bring you a natural Carpathian pleasure.

Here are some features:

  • sauna is good for the skin. While you enjoy and steam in the sauna, your skin is cleansed of bacteria, dead cells, and along with sweat, excess skin fat is released. As a result, your skin is rejuvenated, paleness, dryness or enlarged pores are eliminated;
  • improves blood supply and thermoregulation of the body;
  • the blood-vascular system is restored.

Sauna in Yaremche – a place for creativity

It may sound strange, but often after the sauna the mind is cleared, and thus frees up space for new thoughts. Creative ideas, new solutions or just interesting conversations – this is exactly about the sauna.

If you are going with a company, such conversations will be even more intense. However, we definitely do not recommend drinking alcohol during your stay or after visiting the sauna, as it can be harmful to your health.

So as you can see, there is no time to stop. Bathing in tubs will be useful for you at any time. The main thing is to be sure that a sharp change in temperature is not contraindicated for your health.

How to visit the sauna?

So that your desire to visit the bath does not disappear after the first session, but only intensified, you need to take into account a few important tips:

  • If you are visiting the sauna for the first time, do not stay in the steam room longer than 5-10 minutes. Over time, your endurance will increase, but it’s best to be careful first;
  • Before going to the bath you do not need to overeat, because high fever can cause nausea. The pleasures of the process in this case will be small;
  • To ensure a comfortable stay, you should take all the necessary things: a panama hat so that your hair does not dry out, a large towel on which you can sit and which is convenient to wipe, rubber slippers. Mostly in saunas such things are provided, but it is always better to be reassured;
  • Do not engage in intense exercise before the visit.

We hope our short tips will make a visit to the sauna at the FoRest Hotel even more enjoyable.


2 hours
1000 грн


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